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  • Debate over Slavery
  • Debate over States" Rights, Nullification, & Missouri Compromise
  • I mean, can you believe it?! We as a state should be able to make out own decisions! We know what our state is like and how it runs and therefore we should be allowed to make our own decisions! It is states' rights! Some people believe that the federal government should make all the rules.. but NO! See South Carolina is a state that believes in this concept. You know the tariffs that the North wanted in place but the South did not? Well, South Carolina took a stand and nullified (which means they refused to do something) the taxes. They refused to pay them!
  • Yes for sure! But even if Andrew Jackson stopped a rebellion, it doesn't mean we will stay quiet forever. Tensions are arising you know. The nation is becoming divided among itself. The North is considering only itself when making decisions. However, I do somewhat agree with Missouri Compromise that took place years ago back in 1820. When one state becomes a free state, another becomes a slave state. Also the (36,30) parallel line that allowed only states below the line to become slave states. It did resolve a little bit of dispute between the north and south.
  • Yes dear, i know South Carolina nullified the taxes, but that is what cause the Nullification Crisis this year (around 1832). South Carolina threatened to leave the Union if they were forced to pay the taxes. However, Andrew Jackson threatened to attack the state. So, because of that, SC stayed in the union. But thank goodness that they lowered the tariffs anyway.
  • Compromise of 1850, Georgia Platform, & Kansas-Nebraska Act
  • Hello. My name is Ben Williams and unfortunately, I am a slave- a hardworking black man in captivity. I serve my master, a man who knows about everything going on in society right now. Luckily, unlike other slaves, I am able to obtain information because of my master. Occasionally, I will hear the conversations of my master and his fellow friends who come by and my wife who serves inside the house, listens to the talk of my master and his wife. I now know about the rivalry and tension in our country. We live in the south and the south is a region that is very pro-slavery. Apparently, us slaves help the economy because the south depends a lot on wealth from agriculture. The North however, is more industrial and does not need slaves. Due to the lack for the need of slaves, the North is mostly abolitionist and slavery has been outlawed. My brothers up in the North are free men and are very fortunate . The pro-slavey people and the abolitionist are in great dispute because of slavery. Some believe it is against the constitution while others believe that we are not people, but property. Either way, there is massive tension. My master claimed that even in Congress, there was controversy on how free states and slave states would receive equal representation. Hopefully, in the end my wife and I, and every other slave will become free men and women in this nation, where all men are created equal.
  • Dred Scott Case
  • Did u hear?! You know the Dred Scott case that has been going on for a while? Well do you know what the Supreme Court decided?! They ruled that Scott couldn't sue because he wasn't a human!!! Can you believe that?! So now, he and his wife are still slaves. Also they ruled that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional, and that Congress has no right to tell a state whether they can be free or slave states. It is-
  • After a long day's work, I decided to go to sleep. However right before I went to bed, my wife told me about the conversation she had heard between the master and his wife. Indeed, I must agree . Even though the Missouri Compromise has been somewhat effective, i am not sure it will resolve all argument between the two sides. We must wait and see what is to become of this nation.
  • Election of 1860
  • YEARS LATER... Times are still troublesome. The nation is tearing apart but the government is determined to keep it together. Last night, my master held a dinner in his house for all his friends. They came over and well...they talked a lot about these things called compromises, which were laws that were created to satisfy both sides of the country. Well, we long before knew about the Missouri Compromise, however just a few years ago, This is the Compromise of 1850. What had happened was California had wanted to become a free state. This caused an imbalance in the representation in Congress for free slave and slave states. So, to benefit the south, they passed the Fugitive Slave Act. This meant blacks in the North who were caught, would be shipped back to the South to be a slave once more. It broke my heart when I heard this. Hopefully, my brother would not be caught. He was a free man, but I heard that some blacks who were free were still caught and sent here. The Georgia platform on this compromise was that they were in approval of it. Georgia only agreed to this because of the fugitive slave act. In 1854, the kansas-Nebraska act was passed. This act allowed popular sovereignty in each state decide whether they want to be a slave or a free state. However the kansas- nebraksa act caused a lot of problems in those states. My master and his friends were discussing a great deal about this. They called it "Bleeding Kansas." Indeed, the words describe it well. The nation is in shambles. The people there fight brutally. They shoot and kill each other. In one case, cannons were brought to kill more and more civilians. Indeed, this nation is in shambles.
  • Debate over succession in GA & Alexander Stephens
  • YEARS LATER... Today while I was working, my master decided to go inside to get a drink, and as he went inside a fellow slave from another nearby plantation came up to me. He told me about the Dred Scott case and its results. I was also angered like many of the abolitionists. How cruel and unfair that ruling seemed to me! We are humans too! We have feelings and opinions and yet we are slaves, and are mistreated.
  • Dred Scott was a black slave who had filed for freedom, along with his wife, Harriet, on the grounds of previous residency in free territory. The case was taken to local, state and the supreme courts. Despite the fact that the local court ruled that they were free, the state and supreme court said that they were slaves. This case caused much anger and tension for abolitionists.
  • wait... who was Dred Scott? I have heard his name among some of the other fellow slaves, but I am not certain who he is?
  • Today we received some of the most amazing news!!! My wife heard from my master that Abraham Lincoln had become president!!!! This is incredible! We have heard many times before that he was anti-slavery and so he might be able to help us gain our freedom. However, many people, like my master, and many people in the South are extremely mad that Lincoln was elected. There are protesters in many places and i have even heard that there are talks about succession in some states. Overall, there is just much argument because he was elected. Hopefully he can lead our broken country to become a better place.
  • 1860
  • Sadly, the south has decided to secede from the Union. Many people are very angry in what the North believes in and that President Lincoln was elected. Georgia however, is a little different. Most people here do not own slaves and don't really want to secede. However, due to people being loyal tot heir state and the south,GA agreed to secede as well. Also, I have heard that the president is Jefferson Davis. The Vice president is Alexander Stephens. This man is against succession because it is deemed illegal. However, he was pro-slavery. This did make him a slightly unusual candidate for a big role such as this. Unfortunately, the South is seceding. Hopefully Abraham Lincoln will find a way to reunite our country and that we can become a land where all men are free because they have been created qual.
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