Physical and Chemical changes

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  • The Properties of Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Physical Change: A change that does not alter the chemical makeup of a substance.
  • What is a Physical Change?
  • Crumbling or cutting a piece of paper is an example of a physical change because it is still a peice of paper, crumbled or not.
  • Example of a Physical change:
  • Chemical Change: A change that alters the chemical make up of a substance or creats another chemical
  • What is a Chemical change?
  • A rusty nail is an example of a chemical change because the iron in the nail reacts with oxygen in the air and over a period of time creates a new substance, rust
  • Example of a chemical change:
  • Physical:change in shape, size, state of matter, texture,density or volume Chemical: change in color, bubbling,heat,and burning
  • How do you identify wether a change is chemical or physical?
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