Romeo and Juliet: ACT III Storyboard
Updated: 5/10/2019
Romeo and Juliet: ACT III Storyboard
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  • ACT III: Scene I
  • ACT III: Scene II
  • ACT III: Scene III
  • Tybalt approaches Mercutio and Benvolio, looking for Romeo since he wants get revenge for crashing the Capulet party. Romeo arrives and does not want to fight Tybalt since he got married to Juliet and Tybalt is now extended family. Mercutio duels Tybalt and dies so Romeo gets revenge and kills Tybalt resulting in his banishment.
  • ACT III: Scene IV
  • The Nurse enters Juliet's room distraught with the news of Tybalt dying and Romeo being banished. After a lot of stalling, The Nurse finally tells Juliet straight that Romeo killed Tybalt and has been banished. Juliet is frustrated at her husband's violence but ends up giving a ring to Nurse to give to Romeo.
  • ACT III: Scene V
  • Romeo is found hiding in the chapel with Friar Lawrence where he reveals Romeo's banishment. The Nurse arrives when Romeo is peaking with his depression, ready to stab himself. Friar Lawrence and the Nurse convince Romeo to visit Juliet one last time then leave for Mantua in the morning.
  • At the Capulet house, everyone is mourning Tybalt's death. Everyone thinks Juliet's despair is because of Tybalt's death when it is that and Romeo's banishment. Lord Capulet think that everyone will cheer up a little if Juliet and Paris were to get married so he sets the wedding date and tells Lady Capulet to break the news. 
  • Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she will get married to Paris later that week and Juliet refuses saying she'd rather marry Romeo. Lord Capulet gets furious and insists on the marriage. The Nurse agrees saying Paris is a worthy gentleman. Juliet is distraught and leaves to find Friar Lawrence for advice. 
  • End.
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