Персонализирайте Шаблони за Плакати на Science Fair

If you're assigning science exhibition posters to your students, copy the science fair board template to your account and save. When creating an assignment, just select it as a template!

Why Science Fair Posters?

Making a large poster for science exhibition or for classroom projects can be a lot of fun for students. However, organizing their methods, results, and presenting it in an eye-catching way can take up a lot of time. Providing a science project template as a starting off point allows students to figure out what information is most important for their science exhibition poster design, so that they are able to customize their project without the added stress of choosing a layout or presentation structure. Students can easily print out their posters and add them to a science fair display board template, making it stand out anywhere from a small classroom to an exhibition hall! Of course, a Storyboard That poster board template can be used in many ways other than for science exhibition poster making. They can also be used to present research projects in science class and beyond!

Poster Making For Science Exhibition

To make a science exhibition poster, choose a science fair template above! We have lots of science fair poster ideas to choose from! Once you're in the Storyboard Creator, click on any of the elements on the science exhibition template to change them to fit your needs. Add new images and words to make your poster pop! Don't forget to change the colors or add more! Make the poster your own. When you're done, just hit "Save & Exit"! You can print off your poster from the next screen, or it will be saved to your account. Storyboard That makes creating posters for science exhibition a piece of cake! Students will be so excited to present their poster on science fair day for all to see!

How to Make a Science Exhibition Poster From Scratch

Are you interested in making your own science fair poster from scratch? Great! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “create a storyboard” button. This will bring you to the storyboard creator.

  2. Give your science fair poster a name. We suggest giving it a detailed name so that you know how to find it in the future. Click continue.

  3. Now that you are in the storyboard creator, click on the “layout” button in the right hand menu. You can choose either the "8.5 x 14" layout for a small poster, or the “11 x 17” layout for a larger poster.

  4. Choose whether you want your poster to be horizontal or vertical and click “okay”.

  5. To find Storyboard That’s worksheet and poster assets, click on the “worksheets” button in the top row. If you are on a small screen such as a chromebook, you may have to press the “more” button to find this option.

  6. Once you are in this category, you will find all kinds of assets such as borders, graphic organizers, lines, and so much more. Simply drag and drop where you want the assets to go. While these assets are great, you may not even need them and will find that we have tons of patterns, shapes, images, characters, and more to choose from.

  7. Once you have made your own poster, click save and exit. Remember, even if you create the poster using color, you can still print it out in black and white.

  8. Creating a science fair poster or a science fair project template from scratch can be fun, but don’t forget: you can copy one of our premade poster templates and make major changes to it. The choice is really up to you! Another option is to have the students make their own posters (or worksheets) as part of an assignment. There is so much you can do with our pre-made poster template.

    Как да Направите Плакат за Панаир на Науката


    Изберете Един от Шаблоните за Плакати на Premade Science Fair

    Имаме много невероятни шаблони, от които да избирате. Разгледайте нашия пример за плакат на научно изложение за вдъхновение!


    Кликнете върху „Копиране на шаблон“

    След като направите това, ще бъдете насочени към създателя на сценария.


    Дайте име на Плаката си!

    Не забравяйте да го наречете нещо свързано с темата, за да можете лесно да го намерите в бъдеще.


    Редактирайте Своя Плакат

    Това е мястото, където ще включите детайли, текст, изображения и ще направите всякакви естетически промени, които искате. Вариантите са безкрайни!


    Кликнете върху „Запазване и изход“

    Когато приключите с плаката на научния панаир, щракнете върху този бутон в долния десен ъгъл, за да излезете от сценария.


    Следващи Стъпки

    От тук можете да отпечатате, изтеглите като PDF, да го прикачите към задание и да го използвате цифрово и много повече!

    What to Include on Your Science Fair Poster

    When it comes to science projects and science fair posters, there are standard items that students should include to make their presentation amazing. Here are some ideas from the Storyboard That former teachers:

    1. A title: Your title should be clear, bold and colorful, and at the top of your poster. It should be brief, but accurately depict the jist of your project.
    2. Materials: Always include a neat and organized list of the materials that you used for your project.
    3. Hypothesis: What did you think would happen during your experiment? Write out your prediction. This step is skipped if you are not presenting findings from an experiment.
    4. Purpose: If you have conducted an experiment, what was the purpose of this experiment? Why did you choose to do this specific project?
    5. Questions: What questions did you encounter when completing your project? Challenges? Successes?
    6. Procedure: What were the steps that you took to complete your project or experiment? This should be in list form in chronological order.
    7. Visuals: Visuals could be images, photographs, diagrams, drawings, charts, graphs, or anything else that draws attention to your poster. Visuals should be neat, bright, bold, and colorful where applicable.
    8. Conclusion: You should always include a write-up that sums up your project or experiment. What did you learn? What would you do differently next time? Did you make any mistakes that you had to fix?

    Additional Tips

    Here are a few tips and tricks to make your science fair poster or your science project board template truly stand out!

    • If possible, it is best to type the text for your poster. It is darker and usually neater than handwritten text.
    • If you are typing, choose a font that you like, but that is also professional and clear. Cursive, fancy, or small font should be avoided, as well as overly bold font.
    • Be sure that all of the words on your poster are big and easy to read.
    • All visuals should be clear and related to the topic of your poster.
    • All pictures, drawings, charts, etc., should have clear captions that people can easily see.
    • Have a light color as the background of your poster, and include a border. Storyboard That has some amazing borders and patterns for you to use to make your poster unique and eye-catching.
    • If possible, use matte paper to print your poster. Glossy posters have a glare, making them more difficult to read.
    • When it comes to posters for school or a science fair display board template, less is more! Include everything that you have to include, but do not overdo it with tons of pictures and visuals. It makes the poster look sloppy and overdone.

    • Честито създаване!

      Често задавани въпроси относно плакатите на Science Fair

      Какво представляват плакатите на научния панаир?

      Плакати за научни панаири плакати, които могат да се използват при представяне на научен проект на научния панаир на вашето училище. Те могат да се използват и за представяне на всеки научен проект като цяло или като информационни плакати, които учителите да поставят из класната стая.

      Как мога да направя плакат за научен панаир?

      Създаването на собствен плакат е лесно с Storyboard That art! Просто изберете шаблона, който харесвате, копирайте и го направете свой или го оставете такъв, какъвто е! Всичко, което трябва да направите след това, е да отпечатате и закачите!

      Какво е шаблон?

      Шаблонът е отправна точка за ученици и учители, когато създават свой собствен работен лист или плакат. Основните неща като фон, линии, заглавки и т.н. са предоставени за вас и всичко, което трябва да направите, е да го направите свой собствен! Най-добрата част от шаблоните на Storyboard That е, че можете да копирате всеки шаблон, който харесвате, и да правите толкова или малко промени, колкото желаете.

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