Парцелът на Подателя на Желания

Парцелът на Подателя на Желания
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The Wish Giver от Bill Brittain Activities

Подавателят на желания от Бил Бритайн

От Лиан Хикс

Три деца, Поли, Роуина и Адам, заедно със собственика на местния магазин Стю Мийт се натъкват на мистериозния и остър Тадеус Блин на църковния панаир. Той предлага да изпълни каквото и желание да пожелаят само за 50 цента. Това, което следва, е старият урок за това да внимавате какво си пожелавате!

Даряващият Желания

Описание на Статията

Студентите могат да създадат визуална диаграма на сюжета на Дарителя на желания от Бил Бритайн, подчертавайки ключови моменти в историята.

Текст на Статията

  • Дарителят WISH от Бил Бритън
  • Thaddeus Blinn I Can Give You Whatever You Ask For Only 50 cents
  • The Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree by Bill Brittain is a classic novel written in 1983 set in the fictional town of Coven Tree in New England. Polly, Rowena, and Adam, along with local shop owner Stew Meat, encounter Thaddeus Blinn at the church fair. He offers to grant whatever wish they desire for 50 cents. What follows is the time old lesson about being careful what you wish for!
  • Stew Meat narrates. He owns a shop and is enjoying the day at the church fair along with local children Polly, Rowena, and Adam. All four find the tent of Thaddeus Blinn with a sign out front promising wishes for only 50 cents. They curiously go inside. Mr. Blinn gives each of them a white card with a red dot on it. Skeptical, they can't believe that a simple card will grant them whatever their hearts desire. Feeling duped, they leave with their cards and doubt for Mr. Blinn's fantastical story. Blinn moves on to another town, never to be seen again.
  • Polly has trouble keeping her temper and longs to be friends with wealthy and posh Agatha. She wishes that Agatha will invite her to her house. The power of the wish causes Polly to croak like a frog whenever she complains or insults someone! The only way for her to stop croaking is to speak kindly. Polly is invited to Agatha's but only because Agatha wants to tease her. When Polly responds to Agatha's goading with politeness, she realizes that Agatha's snobbery is not something to aspire to. Polly realizes that by being kind, she can make true friends.
  • Rowena has a crush on traveling salesman Henry Piper. She wishes that rather than staying in town a few of days out of the year that he would grow roots there and stay. This turns Henry into a tree! While struggling to free him, Henry's true nature is revealed. He is nasty toward her, has lied about the places he's been, and was only ever nice to her to get a sale from her father. Rowena's friend Sam could have told her this. He has admired Rowena from afar and knew Henry was nothing but a con man.
  • Adam Fiske has to haul huge barrels of water from the creek each day for his family's farm, which has the driest land. His father asked a relative who was an expert at finding water to work his magic to no avail. The farm had no water underground at all. Adam wishes for more than enough water for his farm. He realizes his mistake when water begins spurting from the ground until the entire farm is flooded for days and days and turns into a lake!
  • Тримата желаещи се втурват към задушено месо, единственото останало с картичка с желания. Всеки от тях го моли да използва желанието си, за да ги спаси от злощастните последици от техните лошо замислени желания. Вместо да поправя обстоятелствата само на един човек, умен Стю иска всичките им желания да бъдат отменени без никакви негативни странични ефекти. Децата са развълнувани да върнат всичко към нормалното и да се научат да оценяват това, което имат!
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