Официално Имейл 2

Официално Имейл 2
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Шаблони за Официални Имейли за Работни Листове

Шаблони за Официални Имейли за Работни Листове

Създайте официални шаблони за електронна поща!

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Текст на Статията

  • Name Date
  • WHAT is the point of your email? What message, information, or request do you want the person to understand or comply with by the end of the email?
  • Directions:
  • TITLE:
  • WHO is your audience? Someone in a position of authority? A coworker? A family member?
  • HOW will you address them in your salutation? What pleasantries can you offer in your intro?
  • HOW will you thank them? What closure will you use?
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