Да се Измъкнеш

Да се Измъкнеш
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Английски Фразов Глагол: Да се Измъкнеш

Английските фразови глаголи като "to get awayr" са трудни! Разгледайте нашата картинна енциклопедия, за да помогнете на учениците от ESL да разберат всяко значение!

Вижте някои от нашите илюстрирани ръководства!

Описание на Статията

Английски Фразови Глаголи - To Get Away

Текст на Статията

  • TO GET AWAYTo avoid being caught or to manage to escapeExample: The thief managed to get away after he broke into the house.
  • There was someone in my house! Did you catch the robber?
  • No, the thief managed to get away.
  • Hi Linda. Are you going away for the weekend?
  • TO GET AWAYTo do something bad without being punished or criticizedExample: Jack was really worried that he wouldn't get away with breaking the window.
  • Oh no! The ball broke the window!
  • What are some other ways you can illustrate "to get away"?
  • Oh no! We're never going to get away with this.
  • TO GET AWAYTo go away from a somewhereExample: It had been nearly a decade since Linda had got away from the city.
  • Yes I am. I'm going to visit my sister. It's my first time getting away from the city in 10 years!
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