Да Взриви

Да Взриви
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Blow Up - Английски Фразови Глаголи

Английски Фразов Глагол: To Blow Up

Английските фразови глаголи като "да взривят" са трудни! Разгледайте нашата картинна енциклопедия, за да помогнете на учениците от ENL да разберат всяко значение!

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Описание на Статията

Английски фразови глаголи - To Blow Up. Помогнете на ELL да визуализират английската граматика!

Текст на Статията

  • TO BLOW UPTo fill with air or another gasExample: Jack offered to help blow up the balloons before the party.
  • Come quickly! I'm scared my car might blow up!
  • I can help you blow up those balloons.
  • TO BLOW UPTo become very angryExample: Heather got a bad report and was worried that her dad would blow up when he saw it.
  • I'm scared my dad will blow up when he sees my grades!
  • F
  • I like it but it's very small. Can you blow up the image?
  • TO BLOW UPTo explodeExample: The smoke coming out of the car made Austin worried that it might blow up.
  • TO BLOW UPTo make an image biggerExample: Steve wanted the photo to be blown up so it could go on the wall.
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