Pride and Honor Envelope Assignment

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Pride and Honor Envelope Assignment
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Заданието с плик е страхотна стратегия за внимателно четене, която помага на учениците да останат фокусирани върху една или повече теми по време на четенето. Когато се сдвои със Storyboard That, това прави споделянето на тяхната информация по-интересно и забавно, въпреки че те все още вършат много работа!

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Описание на Статията

A Thousand Splendid Suns lesson plans | Close Reading activities

Текст на Статията

  • Example #1: pg. 27
  • Example #2: pg. 49
  • Example #3: pg. 70
  • Nana tells Mariam that she doesn’t matter to Jalil. She will never be wanted in his house because she is a harami, an embarrassment to his honor and pride.
  • Example #4: pg. 94
  • Jalil allows Mariam to be married off to Rasheed at the request of his three wives. His honor will be preserved as long as the reminder of his affair is sent far away.
  • Example #5: pg. 214
  • Rasheed gives Mariam a burqa after telling her that he thought women who walked around uncovered were shameful. He thought the men who allowed it spoiled their own honor and pride. A woman’s face is her husband’s business only.
  • Example #6: pg. 219
  • Mariam cannot carry a baby, and that is the ultimate dishonor a woman can do to her husband.
  • Rasheed insists that he marry Laila, to legitimize the fact that she is an unmarried girl staying with him. It looks dishonorable. Mariam tries to argue, because she sees allowing the girl into their marriage as a sign of disrespect to her.
  • Laila agrees to marry Rasheed because it was dishonorable and dangerous to be an unmarried pregnant woman. She will pretend the baby is Rasheed’s to protect his honor and pride.
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