Sub-genres of Poetry

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Sub-genres of Poetry
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Литературни Жанрове

От Кристи Литъл

Изглежда, че в литературата има безкрайно количество жанрове, но в действителност всъщност има много под-жанрове. Тези под-жанрове произтичат от трите основни форми на литературата: поезия, драма и проза. Учениците обикновено срещат тези форми на литература за повечето от това, което четат и пишат в училище, така че е важно учениците да могат да ги разпознават и да познават ключовите си характеристики.

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Genres of Literature - Sub-genres of Poetry

Текст на Статията

  • • Poetry that tells a story • Can be in traditional or organic forms • Structured in metered verse
  • • Poetry with a set rhythm, sometimes accompanied by musical instruments • Typically includes repetition, simple language, and a set rhyme scheme
  • • Poetry in which one speaker expresses his or her feelings on a particular subject • Includes forms such as odes, sonnets, and haikus
  • EPIC
  • • A narrative poem that uses invented characters • Ranges from a simple monologue to a full-length production • Can include dialogue, multiple characters, and can be spoken or sung
  • • A long narrative poem, typically about the deeds of gods or heroes • Elevated in style • Includes adventures and expresses values held dear by its culture