Sub-genres of Speeches

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Sub-genres of Speeches
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Литературни Жанрове

От Кристи Литъл

Изглежда, че в литературата има безкрайно количество жанрове, но в действителност всъщност има много под-жанрове. Тези под-жанрове произтичат от трите основни форми на литературата: поезия, драма и проза. Учениците обикновено срещат тези форми на литература за повечето от това, което четат и пишат в училище, така че е важно учениците да могат да ги разпознават и да познават ключовите си характеристики.

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Genres of Literature - Sub-genres of Speeches

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  • Vote for me, Erica, as your next Class President!
  • • A formal discussion or argument, usually with prepared notes • Follows rules of parliamentary procedure, or is carefully moderated by a neutral third party
  • • Meant to inspire or persuade an audience to take action or accept the speaker's point of view
  • • Provides information about a particular topic, issue, or data • Often utilizes visuals, including graphs, charts, and pictures, to help convey key pieces of presentation
  • Today, I'm going to show you how to restore an old car's finish to brand-new again!
  • • Given at milestone events to a varied audience, usually very personal in nature • Includes wedding toasts, eulogies, commemorations, comedic roasts, acceptance or resignations, and tributes
  • • Gives step-by-step visual and verbal instructions on how to accomplish a task