Executive Function

Executive Function
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Изпълнителната функция е набор от три когнитивни процеса - Работна памет, Контрол на инхибиторите и Когнитивна гъвкавост - които работят заедно, за да ни позволят да планираме, фокусираме и изпълняваме много задачи за успешното завършване на ежедневните задачи.

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Executive Function Parts & Examples. Find activities to help reinforce executive functioning in the classroom

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  • Working memory is the ability to hold information in the mind and work with it. The ability to remember instructions, create a plan of action , and pay attention, are all dependent upon working memory.
  • Inhibitory control is the ability to control attention, behavior, thoughts, and emotions - instead of acting on impulse or desire.
  • Cognitive flexibility is the ability to change tasks, adjust to changed demands, changed priorities, and changed perspectives.
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