NextWidget Negotiation Summary

Актуализирано: 4/11/2017
NextWidget Negotiation Summary
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Как да се Подготвим за Преговори

От Натанаил Оххуйсън

Това е нашето ръководство за водене на преговори със сценарии. Планирайте следващите си преговори с бизнес инструменти като SWOT, Johari Window, BATNA и др. Използването на историческите платформи в подготовката ви е полезно да споделите вашите идеи с колеги и колеги преговарящи.

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Описание на Статията

A summary page for NextWidget's upcoming negotiation with Fabricorp

Текст на Статията

  • Our Weaknesses
  • We value you as a customer, of course, but we don't need your business.
  • Our Goals
  • 3%
  • Our BATNA & Bottom Line
  • Our Strengths
  • Well, if you can't give us a better rate, we're just going to walk.
  • • They don't need to renew our contract • Susan is a better negotiator
  • Wants: Status quo with a 3% or less increase or agreement to the 2-yr deal at the same rates
  • • BATNA: Switch to LocalMade LLC • Bottom Line: Walk if price rate increases 9%
  • Bargaining Options
  • • We have viable alternatives • Strong existing relationship • Arguing for fair rates
  • Our Strategy
  • Negotiation Summary
  • Their Expected Strategy
  • • 2-yr requirements contract • Indexed to changes in industry average costs • Storage facilities = flexible fulfillment
  • • Stick with the game plan • Sell the 2-year deal • Emphasize the longstanding relationship • Stand firm and try to stay objective
  • • They will take a hard approach • They'll try to anchor negotiations with a high initial number