Classical Hero - Pony Boy

Classical Hero - Pony Boy
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Кои са класическите герои? Кои са супергероите? Как мога да ги различа? Преподаването на учениците на този литературен метод и изискването им да се замислят задълбочено върху атрибутите на героя и как те влияят на произведението като цяло, ще внуши по-задълбочено разбиране на много литературни произведения.

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Видове Герои в Литературата

Урочни Планове от Ребека Рей

Герой се определя като човек, който се възхищава или идеализира за смелост, изключителни постижения или благородни качества. Научете повече за различните типове герои с Storyboard That!

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Types of heroes - Classical Hero - Pony Boy from The Outsiders

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  • Classical Hero
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  • Ponyboy lost both of his parents at a young age and was raised by his older brother.
  • Throughout the novel, the reader sees a soft and passive side to Pony. He never actually wants to fight anyone and he continuously tries to smooth over bad situations. ​
  • Ponyboy's special quality is his friendship. In every aspect of his life, he thinks of others. When Johnny ran into the church to save the children, Pony was not going to allow Johnny to try and save them alone.​
  • Ponyboy battles himself. He values his education and he knows what to do to be a good person. When others have given up and dropped out, he remains steadfast and works harder.
  • After Johnny dies, Dally goes crazy and robs a store with an unloaded gun. Ponyboy attempts to prevent the police from shooting Dally, but he is not successful. ​
  • Although Pony does not die, he has a willingness to take heed of Johnny's words and make changes in his life. This signifies a change, or the death of the old Pony.​

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