Othello - Tragic Hero

Othello - Tragic Hero
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Описание на Статията

Othello Tragic Hero | Teach Othello as a Tragic Hero with comics!

Текст на Статията

  • Look, my mistress dropped her kerchief!
  • When are you going to reinstate Cassio?
  • Why did you betray me?!
  • Othello’s jealousy becomes his downfall when Iago manipulates him. He "lov'd not wisely but too well".
  • Please, wait. Let me explain. Iago is to blame...
  • Othello's hubris allows Iago to manipulate him. Through the seed of suspicion, Iago can convince Othello, without any proof, that Desdemona is cheating on him.
  • Oh, no.
  • Othello kills Desdemona after he believes that Cassio has slept with her.
  • Emilia exposes Iago’s plan.
  • Desdemona has been smothered, and Othello kills himself from grief. Iago is sent away to be tortured.
  • The audience is left remorseful for the couple who was thwarted by jealousy and revenge.
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