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GRAPES for Social Studies

G.R.A.P.E.S. and Social Studies

by Liane Hicks

Ancient Civilizations are typically taught focusing on the key areas of: Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economy and Social Structure using the acronym G.R.A.P.E.S. By utilizing this acronym, students can compartmentalize their findings and compare and contrast different civilizations. There are other similar acronyms that teachers may use, like P.I.R.A.T.E.S., P.E.R.S.I.A.(N)., and, G.R.E.A.T.S., and they all address similar areas of civilization. Any of the graphic organizers shown here can be adapted to fit the acronym of your choice!
Math Resources

Using Storyboard That in Your Math Class

Visual Aids for the Modern Classroom

Storyboard That makes it super easy to incorporate visual learning into your math class and have the content tailored to your students. The easily customizable templates allow you to ensure that the worksheets you give to students meets them where they are and challenges the concepts they still are working to master. There are several ways to make your math lessons and classroom vibrant and fun, all from the comfort of Storyboard That's storyboard creator!
Graphic Orgainzer Lesson Plans

Creating Worksheets For Your Kids with Storyboard That

by Jenny Silverstone

If you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, Storyboard That, an online tool for making storyboards, comics, and other visual aids, might be just the educational tool you’re looking for. It has templates, text bubbles, and all the other items you’ll need to effectively communicate with the children in your life. It allows you to create beautiful and educational worksheets faster, and more effectively than ever before. Let’s find out how!
Chrome Extensions with Storyboard That

Chrome Extensions for Accessibility on Storyboard That

One of the best parts about using computers and tablets in school is the expansion of accessibility for students who need extra help. Between settings built into the device and applications that can be installed, the experience is easily tailored for individual students, allowing them to achieve their full potential in the classroom. Chrome Extensions are a perfect way to enhance their experiences on the web and help reduce frustration.
Chrome Extensions with Storyboard That

Chrome Extensions for Language Comprehension on Storyboard That

When students are learning a new language or need help understanding what they're reading, extensions that help language comprehension are incredibly important. They can be used to supplement and introduce new vocabulary or let students hear words out loud. Language and reading comprehension is an important part of any project or assignment, and reducing the frustration that might come along with it will help students gain confidence and make huge strides in their education.
Chrome Extensions with Storyboard That

Chrome Extensions for Vocabulary and Grammar on Storyboard That

While Chrome does have a built-in spell check, spelling isn't the only thing that students are learning and practicing, especially when they're online. They might be reinforcing new vocabulary with storyboards or working on their grammar. It helps to have an easy way to look up words, find synonyms and antonyms, and check sentence structure. Extensions that fall into this category work well for native English speakers, as well as ESL students! They're great for aiding students along the way because they reinforce correct grammar.
App Smashing with Storyboard That

App Smash with Storyboard That

By Kristen Twomey

App smashing allows students to create projects using multiple applications (shortened to "apps") to achieve the end result. The applications can be anything from the camera app on a phone to a website like Storyboard That. Providing a variety of different apps to use lets students pick the ones that allow them to achieve their desired outcome. Each part of the project is completed in a different app and the result is an integrated presentation. Combining applications with Storyboard That enhances storytelling through the addition of photographs, audio, and video.
Upload Worksheets to TpT

How to Make a Worksheet

Storyboard That allows you to create worksheets and other full page documents using the features available in the Storyboard Creator! We recommend you start with a template for structure, but sometimes a completely blank page is all you need!
Experiments Lesson Plans

Lab Safety

By Oliver Smith

A solid understanding of lab safety practices is essential for our students to carry out practical work in the laboratory. Students love completing practical work and can learn a great deal from hands on activities. It's an effective way to teach the principle of scientific inquiry, develop student skills in measurement and observation, and to motivate and engage students, but safety must always come first. A good first step is ensuring that any practical activities are properly and thoroughly risk-assessed by the educator before the activity takes place. Educators should do the experiment or demonstration first before the lesson to understand any risks.
Icebreaker Activities

Ice Breakers: Classroom Team Building Activities

By Patrick Healey

Make this year more effective by enhancing students' comfort level in your class. Health education covers various topics that, to most, may be a difficult topic to talk about. Personally, this is the reason I enjoy this subject so much. It’s the teacher’s role to create a classroom environment to invoke and support discussion of difficult topics. Comfort and safety is not only important for students to feel around their peers, but to feel with their teacher as well. A health education teacher is a potential resource for students, providing comfort for any students reaching out. Students may challenge themselves in your classroom if they feel it's a safe place.
Create Worksheets from Storyboards

Create New Teaching Materials for French Class

By Bridget Baudinet

With the many possibilities of Storyboard That, French teachers will enjoy using the platform as much as their students! Not only can the storyboards be used for student activities, but they can also serve as a resource for creating materials for the language classroom. Using the program, teachers can create worksheets, tests, oral language practice, and posters to decorate the classroom. All of these materials are personalized and adapted to the needs of their particular students, ensuring that the lessons will always meet students where they're at.
Experiments Lesson Plans

Misconception and Conceptual Understanding in Science

By Oliver Smith

It is important that we don’t view our students as empty vessels or blank slates when they come into our classrooms. Students are full of their own ideas and theories about the world. Some of these are correct and some of them don’t agree with current evidence and agreed thinking within a subject. Often as educators, we can fail to appreciate the wide and varied experiences our students have had and the effect this can have on how they think the universe works. Students have misconceptions in all subjects, but this is especially true in Science.
Use Assignment with Students

How to Use the Copy Assignment Feature

By Anna Warfield

Storyboard That has several great ideas for student activities and ways to bring digital storytelling to your classroom. We want to make it easy for you to access these resources, but also understand that you may want to make modifications to tailor it to your students. Each lesson plan activity comes with the ability to copy an assignment, by way of the "Use This Assignment With My Students" button, which provides an excellent starting point for creating fun and engaging student activities!
First Then Lesson Plans

How to Use a First Then Board

By Shari Kurtzman

First Then Boards are a visual support system that allows young children or children with language delays to understand routines, expectations, and reward systems in more accessible ways. By providing a visual support along with language and social interaction, students are able to participate more independently and with less frustration in everyday activities. The simple layout of two spaces allows for the caregiver to update the board frequently and adjust depending on the student’s needs. Often a binder or pocket folder with Velcro to hold many cards makes the system compact and usable throughout the routine.
Student Blogs

Storyboard That: Encouraging Creativity and Innovative Designs

By Rachelle Poth

Storyboard T​hat is a tool which offers many opportunities, not only ​for ​education, but for anyone looking to share information​,​ tell a story, or produce a product in a more visually engaging way. It is a very authentic ​tool that promotes critical thinking, communication, and creativity​. It fosters​ innovation in designing and empower​s​ students in the learning process. Students take control of how they show what they have learned and can now do with the material, in their own personal way. Each of these opportunities help to promote the integration of the new ISTE ​Student Standards.
Diagram a Process

Diagram a Process

By Anna Warfield

We give and get instructions all of the time, whether it is a tutorial on a website, a recipe for dinner, or directions to the post office. We go through various processes too, as do many natural phenomena. Life cycles, routines, photosynthesis, digestion - processes are everywhere! Instructions and processes are so much more easily understood when accompanied by visuals. When we storyboard a process or create a sequential diagram, we can focus on discrete steps, cause and effect, and sequence.
Scaffolding Lesson Plans

Differentiated Instruction with Storyboard That

By Kristy Littlehale

Teachers today have to take into account so many different factors that go into preparing a lesson, because our student population is rapidly changing. Kids are no longer “tracked” in the traditional sense; instead, most of our classes have students with all kinds of learning abilities, including those who may need a little extra help accessing the curriculum.
Parts of a Story Lesson Plans

Increase Student Engagement, Enthusiasm, & Confidence

By Kristy Littlehale

As a high school English teacher in a vocational technical school, I see firsthand the benefits that visual learning and hands-on assignments have on my students. When my kids use Storyboard That, I see huge jumps in their ability to retain information, their engagement and enthusiasm, and their confidence.
Introduction to Social Stories

Back to School Activities with Storyboard That

By Anna Warfield

Good grief! Can you believe it is BTS time already? The summer always flies by, but don't worry: the team of teachers at Storyboard That has come up with some great ideas to get storyboarding with your students right away.
Do Presentations with SBT

Storyboard That with PPT and More

By Anna Warfield

Let’s take a brief look at the export options you have for your public storyboards! When viewing your storyboard, you will see several buttons below the storyboard. These buttons allow you to go back and edit your storyboard, view as a slide show live in the browser, or export your storyboard in different ways.
Traditional Storyboard Layout

What is a Storyboard?

By Aaron Sherman

A storyboard is a graphic organizer that plans a narrative. Storyboards are a powerful way to visually present information; the linear direction of the cells is perfect for storytelling, explaining a process, and showing the passage of time. At their core, storyboards are a set of sequential drawings to tell a story...


Timeline Maker

By Anna Warfield

Everyone at SBT wants to bring out your creativity, improve your visual communication, and hear your story! Some people prefer our timeline layout to show ordered events with dates and descriptions, focusing on the visual aspect of the sequence of events or steps in a process.

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