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By Anna Warfield

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One of the best things about Storyboard That is you can make so many cool things customized to your own needs. Choose from different cell sizes, storyboard layouts, customizable scenes, dynamic character poses, and more.

Make a Poster for Wall or Digital Display

While much of the walls are often spoken for boards, technology, furniture, and so on, those extra touches you make are not just "decoration". The wall space of a classroom is secret prime real estate for extra teaching and topic reinforcement.

Post large graphic organizers and images:

  • Subject Reference
  • Instructions/Rules/Procedures
  • Birthday/Job/Other Board
  • Inspiration/PSA
  • Schedule

In addition to these typical classroom posters, I have a few more ideas for bringing the art of Storyboard That into your classroom!

Create a Storyboard 

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Class Portraits

As a community-building activity, have your class make its own class portrait! The completed project can be printed out on over-sized paper and put on the wall or door. Either choose the characters for the students yourself, or give them each a 2-minute turn at the computer to choose their own over the day/week. Put your own spin on the activity like choosing any of the characters available (including monsters, animals, myths, etc.) and doing a whole class activity to guess which character each student picked. Another idea would be to have kids choose a future profession and show themselves with adult characters and items.

Create Your Own Poster  

Class Collage

Instead of a class portrait, the class could make a collage of items, characters, and scenes. This would also make a good whole class guessing activity. Either make one large storyboard, or have each student complete his own cell/storyboard to be printed and incorporated with the others.

Class Collage Ideas

  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite sport
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite activity
  • Favorite book
  • Favorite place
  • Hobbies and skills
  • Strengths
  • Goals
  • Topic you want to learn about

Create Your Own Poster  

Personalized Special Education Posters & Charts

There are many graphic organizers, charts, reminders, and other items that many special education students need to be successful academically, socially, or both. Sometimes, individual students need very specialized materials that are made for assignments, behavior charts, and many more. Below are two versions of the same chart. The black and white version is meant to be printed and given to the student to color in. The full color version is designed to be regularly updated on the computer.

However, if you have a student or a small group that meets regularly, you may want to make your own poster or oversized chart that you can hang on the wall. Imagery and text can be updated regularly, and if you are worried about printing color storyboards, click on the "Remove Colors" button on your scenes, characters, and items and/or use the "Grayscale" filter!

Create Your Own Poster  

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Get the most out of Storyboard That with these great features!

Classroom Features

During your 14-Day free trial, you and your students will have full access to all the classroom features.

  • Unlimited Storyboards with up to 100 cells
  • Personal Teacher Dashboard
  • Support for Google Sign On

Photos for Class

Easily find that perfect photo thanks to integration with Photos for Class.

  • Millions of Creative Commons photos
  • Automatically cited when used
  • Makes storyboards POP

Powerful Export

After your storyboard is created easily export it to high resolution storyboard cells, PDF or PowerPoint File.

  • Add a storyboard into a larger presentation
  • Upload to your blog, wiki or email
  • Create classroom posters

Presentation Ready

Quickly turn any storyboard into a presentation to receive immediate feedback!

  • One Click Live Slide Shows
  • Export to PowerPoint (Keynote, and Google Slides compatible)
  • Create a new presentation just as easily after edits
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