Note-taking and active reading templates are used by students to take notes while they are reading a text, and provide spaces for them to organize information. It's also helpful so that students come prepared to class discussions. For this activity, students will use the provided template to take notes on The Last Cherry Blossom as they read. Student instructions are completely customizable, and teachers can provide as much or as little guidance as they like.

Find more active reading templates here if you want to customize further!

Skabelon og Klasse Instruktioner

(Disse instruktioner er helt tilpasselig. Når du har klikket på "Kopier Assignment", ændre beskrivelsen af ​​opgaven i din Dashboard.)

Due Date:

Objective: Take notes while reading The Last Cherry Blossom.

Student Instructions:

  1. Click “Start Assignment”.
  2. As you read, jot down notes about key events.
  3. Use bullet points, no need to write in complete sentences!

Lektionsplan Reference

Karakter Niveau 6-8

Sværhedsgrad 2 (styrkelse / Udvikling)

Type af Assignment Individuel

Flere Storyboard That Aktiviteter

Den Sidste Kirsebærblomst

*(Dette vil starte en 2 ugers gratis prøveperiode - ingen kreditkort nødvendig)ærblomstring-af-kathleen-burkinshaw/close-reading
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