Actualizado: 12/17/2020

Storyboard Descripción

its water

Texto del Guión Gráfico

  • Dessert
  • Boink
  • Desert
  • Atmosphere
  • Bob the water drop is part of an ice cream sundae, but his piece doesn’t get eaten. It is thrown in the trash and transported through the Gobi desert, but on the way the garbage truck swerves and crashes and explodes violently, releasing its contents to the desert. Bob is happy because he can go wherever he wants.
  • Restaurant
  • Bob decides to be part of a large cactus, getting sucked up by its roots and being part of its water. But as soon as he does that, the cactus is eaten by a herd of rabid giraffes that escaped from a zoo. The giraffes poop him out quickly, and he evaporates upward, against his wishes.
  • Outdoors
  • As a droplet in a hoard of droplets, Bob feels very small and unimportant. He much prefers smaller groups of water, but he can’t escape in his weak vapory form. Suddenly, an airplane bound for the Philippines flies right through the cloud. Bob grabs on quickly, hitching a ride on a window.
  • Science Location
  • Bob floats into a restaurant to find a place to rest. Don't blame him, words are tough when you are a water droplet. He attaches onto an ice cube in a drink and solidifies, preparing to take a nap. But the ice cube is almost immediately swallowed by the drinker! Bob detaches from the cube and his icy crystalline form drifts into the strange new world of a scientist's ear.
  • Bob is taken out of the restaurant, while trying to find a way out of the ear. He whines and complains, catching the attention of the scientist whose ear he is in.
  • Bob is now being studied heavily for being a sentient water droplet, living a boring life stuck in a little test vial. :(