Perfect for Schools and Districts

  1. Fast and Easy to Set Up

    Connect Storyboard That to ClassLink, then sit back and relax!

  2. Fast and Easy to Use

    Students and teachers sign in from their ClassLink Launchpad. No new passwords!

  3. Transparent Pricing

    We charge $99.99 per teacher per year OR $2.99 per student per year—whichever is lower!

Schedule a Sales Call

Schedule a time that works for you we can get you up and running within 24 hours!

We also support Clever, Schoology, Canvas, and Google Classroom.

Setting Up Your Account With ClassLink

If your school uses ClassLink, awesome! You and your students can log in using ClassLink, making it easy to connect with Storyboard That. There's no need to worry about remembering new login information. We'll help you get started!

What You Will Need

Your ClassLink Admin should set up ClassLink integration with Storyboard That for your school or district from their ClassLink dashboard. If they haven't or they have questions, they can reach out to and we'll respond same day!

ClassLink Account Setup

ClassLink allows for 24-hour data sharing which automatically imports all classes and students into your account.

  1. Log into your ClassLink account
  2. From ClassLink Dashboard, select the course
  3. Click on "Storyboard That "
  4. Arrive on Teacher Dashboard
  5. Your classes and students have been automatically added
  6. Click "Manage Students" to view your students. Click "Manage Classes" to view the classes in your account

How Do Students Log In?

Students will log into Storyboard That from their ClassLink Launchpad.

Next Steps

Your classes and students have been added so you can start creating assignments!

Schedule a Training Session

We can help you get up and running with a free training session! One of our awesome representatives will meet with you for about 20-30 minutes to answer any questions and guide you through the features of the Storyboard That —like how to set up your account and use the Storyboard Creator!

You can schedule a time that works for you on our calendar!

Avez-vous des questions ou avez-vous besoin d'aide? Contactez-nous à ou (US) +1-617-607-4259!
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