Family during lockdown
Mis à jour: 4/3/2020
Family during lockdown

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  • Ron.. The lock down has been extended till mid April. Yeyyy.. no school no homework.
  • oh yes! Now I will have more time to play video games and watch TV
  • The Lock down will give me ample time to finish my work and take rest. Finally some relief from the daily office routine.
  • Mom.. I am hungry. I want to have pasta
  • Mom. I will have noodles not pasta. And find my video game also.
  • Lina I will have tea . And prepare some Parathas for my lunch.
  • Oh God! What Should I do First? I have to prepare the lunch, Clean the house, wash clothes. Without house help it is really being difficult for me to manage everything alone
  • Poor my daughter-in law.She has to alone do all the work.let me handle this