Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins

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  • Chapters 1-3
  • No, the parts must be equal.
  • One part for you, two parts for us.
  • What's going on?
  • Chapters 4-6
  • As your new Chief, I, Kimki, must find a new island alone, because I can not spare more men for the voyage.
  • Chapters 7-9
  • Wait! Wait! Ramo and I are still on the island!
  • Ramo and Karana were secretly watching high on the cliffs when their father and Captain Orlov, leader of the Aleuts, were talking about how much sea otter each tribe can have. This was a huge change for the tribe because with more people on the island there is not enough food for everyone.
  • Chapters 10-12
  • Chief Chowig and Captain Orlov were fighting when a huge storm approached the Island of the Blue Dolphins. The Aleuts escaped just before a huge wave hit the Island and killed Karana's dad and a lot of the other men. After the storm, a new chief took her dad's place, his name was Kimki. This was a huge change because ever since the dad died, the new chief, Kimki, wanted to explore a new island.
  • Chapters 13-15
  • I cannot shoot this arrow into this dog.
  • I will call you Rontu.
  • The boat was ready to leave but Ramo forgot his spear, so Karana told Chief Matasaip to wait for him. However, the storm was starting to get rough so the chief told Karana that the ship will come back for them. They were left on the island and slept in the village. But the next day, Ramo wasn't there so Karana followed tracks and saw him laying on the ground by a pack of wild dogs. Now that Ramo is dead, Karana is alone on the island until the ship comes back.
  • Chapters 16-18
  • Karana wanted to kill the leader of the pack, so she built better spears, bows, and arrows and she started to make a fence for her new house to be more protective. Ever since she built more and more weapons she has a little more experience living on the island alone.
  • Karana was ready to hunt the leader of the pack. She checked everywhere on the island, and finally found him on the far side of the rocks. Karana was about to kill him but she didn't seem to know why she couldn't shoot the arrow. Instead,she gave the dog fish and took him home. She called him Rontu.Now that she has Rontu, she is not alone on the island, she has a companion.
  • The next day, Karana went on her canoe to go hunting with Rontu. When they were on the canoe, she started to talk to Rontu in her language and they started to become good friends. They saw a devilfish which they tried to hunt because they had the most delicious meat but missed. After that, they found two little birds and decided to keep them as pets and tame them. Now that she has the two birds, she has more friends on the island.
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