The Eye of The World

The Eye of The World

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Texte du Storyboard

  • Trollocs invade Rand's farm! Rand's dad gets very hurt! They hurry to Emond's Field, but Trollocs invaded that too!
  • An Aes Sedai (Moiraine) is in town with her Warder (Lan). She wishes to put the boys in safety.
  • The Dark One is after you three, I must take you to Tar Valon.
  • They all get split up after running from Trollocs! Mat picked up a cool dagger and they meet back up with everyone.
  • You should probably throw that away...
  • Look at my cool dagger I got from that evil treasure room!
  • They go to Caemlyn where the the queen's Aes Sedai tells her Rand will bring the apocalypse. The queen lets him go though.
  • Eh, you can go.
  • He's basically going to bring the apolcalypse!
  • Mat's dagger turns out to be evil and is affecting him. Moiraine tries to heal him. They get news that the Eye of The World is in danger so they travel there.
  • That's more important right now. Let's go.
  • I am Smeagle!
  • The Dark One wants something with The Eye of The World!
  • At The Eye of The World, Rand channels the One Power, and destroys a Trolloc army. They also meet the Green Man who dies trying to kill a Forsaken.
  • Maybe.
  • I just channeled the One Power! I'm scared! Am I going to go crazy and kill everyone?!
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