Bien S'entendre

Bien S'entendre
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S'entendre - Verbes à Particule Anglais

Verbe à Particule Anglais : S'entendre

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Storyboard Description

Phrasal Verbs Anglais - Pour S'entendre

Texte du Storyboard

  • TO GET ALONGTo be friendlyExample: Jim never got along with his sister.
  • Jim stop chasing your sister! Why can't you two ever get along?
  • How are you getting along?
  • TO GET ALONGTo leave a placeExample: It was late, so we had to get along home.
  • Thank you for having us, but we should be getting along now.
  • Of course! Have a safe drive.
  • TO GET ALONGTo make progress while doing somethingExample: Tim likes to go around and check how everyone is getting along.
  • I'm doing great! Another couple of hours and I should have finished making the website.
  • What are some other examples of the phrase "to get along"?
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