Biographie du Sikhisme

Biographie du Sikhisme
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Sikhisme : Histoire & Traditions

Par Liane Hicks

Le sikhisme est pratiqué par environ 26 millions de personnes et est la cinquième plus grande religion au monde. Le mot sikh en pendjabi signifie disciple de Dieu. Un adepte du sikhisme vénère un seul Dieu et aspire à vivre une vie paisible d'honnêteté, de charité, d'égalité et de foi.


Storyboard Description

Les élèves peuvent s'intéresser à l'histoire et aux religions du monde en créant des affiches biographiques pour des personnalités influentes ou importantes de l'histoire sikhe !

Texte du Storyboard

  • Mai Bhago
  •  Mai Bhago led the band of Sikh deserters back to defend the Guru. She was a brave warrior who fought valiantly, impressing everyone with her skills and leadership. The Guru welcomed the deserters back into his army and together they forced the Mughals to retreat. After the battle, Guru Gobind Singh thanked Mai Bhago for her incredible bravery and granted her leave to go home. Ever devoted to her Guru, Mai Bhago said that she would like to stay. Guru Gobind Singh promoted Mai Bhago and gave her the honor of being his personal body guard. Upon the death of the tenth and final guru, Mai Bhago moved to Janwada, India where she dedicated herself to a life of meditation and promoting Sikh values of freedom, equality, and social justice. The home of the sainted warrior in Janwada is a place of worship today called Gurudwara Shri Mai Bhago Ji.
  • At this time, the oppressive Mughal empire led by Emperor Aurangzeb felt threatened by the Sikhs and the powerful influence of Guru Gobind Singh. In 1705, the Mughal troops marched on Anandpur Sahib, the capital city of Guru Gobind Singh and the Sikhs. They killed many people including some of the Guru's family. The soldiers protecting the Guru began to starve as the battle continued for weeks and weeks. The Mughals made a deal that if anyone renounced the Guru and Sikhism, they would be allowed to flee. 40 Sikh warriors took the bargain renouncing the Guru. As they returned to their villages, Mai Bhago encountered them. She could not believe they had deserted the Guru. She passionately persuaded them to join her and go back and fight!
  • Mai Bhago is the first Sikh woman known to fight in battle. She was defending her people against the Mughal empire. She is compared to famous female warriors Joan of Arc and Mulan for her legendary bravery in battle.Also known as Mata Bhag Kaur, she was born around 1666 in the village of Chabal Kalan in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Mai Bhago was raised in a devout Sikh family and lived during the times of the 10th Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh. Her father had been a member of the Guru Hargobind's army and, despite the army being only for men, from a young age, Mai Bhago enjoyed learning Sikh fighting methods and training to be a warrior.
  • Mai BhagoThe Sainted Sikh Warrior who defended Guru Gobind Singh and taught the Sikhs to never give up!
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