Infographie des Faits Amusants de Thanksgiving

Infographie des Faits Amusants de Thanksgiving
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Activités de Vacances de Thanksgiving

Activités de Thanksgiving

Plans de Cours par Anna Warfield

Sometimes we use the seasons and holidays around us to engage our students. Whether you want to use these activities just for fun, or if you have lesson plans around Thanksgiving Day, Storyboard That is an excellent resource. Check out some of the great things your students can do!

Activités de Thanksgiving

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  • Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln declared it in an attempt to unify the country during the Civil War. About 95% of Americans spend time with family on Thanksgiving. 47 million travel more than 50 miles to do so! Mashed potatoes is the most popular side dish on Thanksgiving according to 78% of Americans. James Pierpont's "One Horse Open Sleigh" was a Thanksgiving song but it became so popular that in 1859, he changed it to "Jingle Bells"! Turkey was not necessarily on the menu in 1621, the Plymouth colonists and their Native American allies probably ate lobster, swans, and seals! Over 32 million people shop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving!
  • People watch football on Thanksgiving in the US
  • 30 Million
  • Thanksgiving Fun Facts!
  • Turkeys are cooked for Thanksgiving each year!
  • 46 Million
  • Pumpkin Pies are eaten for Thanksgiving each year!
  • 50 Million
  • "I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country...For in truth the Turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird."
  • The first professional Thanksgiving Day football game was played in 1920. About 1,000 Turkey Trots take place around the U.S. each year! Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, not the bald eagle! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has floats and balloons. But, the first parade in 1924 had live monkeys, bears, camels, and elephants from the Central Park Zoo!
  • Did You Know?
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