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Littérature Sikh
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Qu'est-ce que le Sikhisme ? | Plan de Leçon Sikh

Sikhisme : Histoire & Traditions

Par Liane Hicks

Le sikhisme est pratiqué par environ 26 millions de personnes et est la cinquième plus grande religion au monde. Le mot sikh en pendjabi signifie disciple de Dieu. Un adepte du sikhisme vénère un seul Dieu et aspire à vivre une vie paisible d'honnêteté, de charité, d'égalité et de foi.


Storyboard Description

Les élèves peuvent illustrer l'intrigue d'une histoire liée au sikhisme, comme des histoires contemporaines, des biographies, des paraboles et plus encore !

Texte du Storyboard

  • This is the story of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, and the boulder of Panja Sahib. In 1521 CE, Guru Nanak was traveling on an Udasi mission with his faithful companions, including Muslim-born Mardana. They stopped in Hasan Abdal, a small village in Punjab, Pakistan. What transpired was a miracle that led to the most sacred place in Sikhism!
  • Guru Nanak and Mardana had been traveling for a long time. When they stopped in the village of Hasan Abdal, they sat in the shade of a tree and sang kirtan. Locals were impressed with their divine message and gathered to listen intently. After singing, Bhai Mardana was very thirsty and asked where he might get a drink. But, the area had very little water and the only water had been taken over by a local leader and holy man who was very greedy. He lived at the top of a large hill and charged the villagers for the use of his well.
  • Guru Nanak sent Mardana up the hill to ask the holy man for some water. After a long climb, Mardana finally reached the top. He explained that he was traveling with the respected Guru Nanak and that they were very thirsty and needed water. The greedy man demanded payment. Mardana again told him calmly and respectfully that they did not have any money but were very thirsty and needed water. The man still refused saying "Go back to your great guru, if he is so great he should be able to provide you with water himself!"
  • Disappointed and thirsty, Mardana trekked back to tell Guru Nanak that he was unsuccessful. Guru Nanak advised Mardana to ask again, this time in the name of God. Mardana made the arduous climb a second time and asked the holy man very calmly and patiently for some water in the name of God. Again the man refused. When Mardana returned, Guru Nanak said that we must always give people three chances to do what is right. He told Mardana to ask the man for water a third time.
  • Mardana asked the man a third time and still he refused! Guru Nanak said, "Do not worry, God will provide for us." He took a stick and dug into the ground. Water spurted from the ground and began flowing! Everyone gathered the water in buckets. The greedy man looked down from the hill, shocked and angry. His own well was losing water. Determined to defeat Guru Nanak he pushed a large boulder down the hill and as it tumbled down it looked as though it would crush Guru Nanak!
  • Mardana cried, "Guru Ji! Please get out of the way!" But Guru Nanak remained where he was, meditating and praying. As the boulder came crashing down, Guru Nanak put out his hand and miraculously stopped it. His hand left an imprint. When the man saw this, he was filled with awe and regret. He ran to the Guru to ask his forgiveness and he became a kind and generous man. Today, the town of Hasan Abdal in Punjab, Pakistan still has the boulder. It is located in the Gurwara Sri Panja Sahib and is one of the most sacred places of Sikhism.
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