Résumé D'Edward Tulane

Mis à jour: 4/17/2021
Résumé D'Edward Tulane
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A little girl reads a story to a white china doll rabbit. They sit on fancy chairs in front of a fire.

Le voyage miraculeux d'Edward Tulane par Kate DiCamillo

Plans de Cours par Lauren Ayube

Edward Tulane est un lapin de Chine. Il est spécial. Il est distingué, digne, charmant et très, très important. Edward ne se considère pas simplement comme une «poupée», et en fait, le terme est insultant et dégradant pour lui. Edward est un spécimen de grande valeur, et il le sait. Le problème est qu'Edward n'aime que lui-même. Il trouve l'amour du jeune Abilene pour lui presque ennuyeux jusqu'au jour où Edward se perd et tout son monde se met à l'envers. Le voyage miraculeux d'Edward Tulane est une merveilleuse histoire sur l'amour, la perte, le changement et enfin le retour à la maison. Les étudiants et les enseignants tomberont amoureux d'Edward et de son voyage miraculeux.

Le Voyage Miraculeux D'Edward Tulane

Storyboard Description

Créez un résumé pour chacun des endroits où Edward Tulane s'est retrouvé tout au long de l'histoire!

Texte du Storyboard

  • Flour
  • Edward, I am going to read you a story.
  • My son Ralph, he's in the army. And my daughter Lolly is a secretary.
  • Abilene is Edward’s original owner. She loves him a great deal and treats him like a friend. She dresses him in the finest clothes, and does everything with him. While on a cruise ship with the family, Edward is accidentally thrown overboard. Edward looks up from the sea and sees Abilene crying in the distance, grasping onto his gold pocket watch.
  • I name him Jangles.
  • From the moment I first seen him, I knew he belonged to you.
  • A fisherman named Lawrence finds Edward and brings him home. His wife Nellie makes Edward a dress and changes his name to Susanna. Edward didn’t like this at first, but he grows to enjoy his time with Lawrence and Nellie. One day, their horrible daughter, Lolly, threw Edward in the trash.
  • Goodbye, Jangles.
  • After who knows how long at the dump, a dog named Lucy finds Edward and brings him to his owner, a hobo named Bull. Bull creates a new “outlaw” look for Edward and changes his name to Malone. Edward, Bull, and Lucy travel all over, and Edward grows to care about them a lot. When Edward gets thrown off a train by the conductor, his heart is shattered.
  • Edward?Edward.
  • Edward is found by a little old lady who turns him into a scarecrow-type creature and names him Clyde. It isn’t long before a young boy named Bryce rescues him. Bryce brings Edward to his very ill little sister, Sarah Ruth, who promptly falls in love with Edward and names him Jangles. When Sarah Ruth dies, Bryce takes Edward and leaves his cruel father to head for Memphis.
  • While at a diner, Bryce orders more food than he can pay for. The owner grabs Edward and throws him out the door, shattering him to pieces. Heartbroken, Bryce takes Edward to Lucius Clarke, the doll mender. Lucius agrees to make Edward as good as new, but only if he can keep him and sell him someday. Bryce has no other choice but to agree, and Edward is left alone again.
  • Years later, after losing hope that he will ever find another home, a little girl named Maggie comes into the shop with her mother. Maggie begs her mother to keep Edward, and as the mother comes closer, Edward sees his pocket watch around her neck. After all these years, Abilene has found Edward, and he returns to his home where he belongs.