Résumé de la Dernière Fleur de Cerisier

Mis à jour: 6/6/2021
Résumé de la Dernière Fleur de Cerisier
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Yuriko from The Last Cherry Blossom sits beneath a cherry tree. Its blooms are pink.

La dernière fleur de cerisier de Kathleen Burkinshaw

Plans de Cours par Lauren Ayube

Twelve year old Yuriko has a privileged life. She lives in Hiroshima with her father, aunt, and cousin, has a best friend who is like a sister, and enjoys school. However, there are signs of the war all around her and air raids siren practices have become almost a daily occurrence. The war becomes impossible to ignore as a young man in the neighborhood receives a red card from the Emperor and is sent to fight for the Imperial Army. When Yuriko discovers information about her past, and soon after the atomic bomb is dropped on her city, her whole world seemingly comes to an end. The Last Cherry Blossom is an incredible story based upon the life of Burkinshaw’s own mother, and is an important read for students and teachers alike.

La Dernière Fleur de Cerisier

Storyboard Description

Demandez aux élèves de créer un résumé du début, du milieu et de la fin de The Last Cherry Blossom de Kathleen Burkinshaw.

Texte du Storyboard

  • ????
  • That's not right. That's not right.
  • Nishimoto is your father.
  • No! No! You're lying! That's not true!
  • END
  • Yuirko’s teacher reacts strangely to her family tree project and says, “that’s not right.” When her papa finds out, Yuriko’s teacher doesn’t return and Yuriko wonders why.
  • Yuriko discovers that Papa is actually her grandfather, and her Aunt Kimiko is actually her mother. Yuriko is hurt that this secret was kept from her, and wonders why no one told her the truth.
  • The atomic bomb is dropped on the city of Hiroshima, and Yuriko loses her family and best friend, in one way or another, as a direct result of the attack. She attends a boarding school, makes new friends, and meets up with her birth father.