Thèmes, Symboles et Motifs de Wolf Hollow

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Thèmes, Symboles et Motifs de Wolf Hollow
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Résumé de Wolf Hollow | Wolf Hollow par Lauren Wolk

Wolf Hollow par Lauren Wolk

Par Liane Hicks

Wolf Hollow est Annabelle McBride, âgée d'environ 12 ans, qui grandit à l'ombre de la Première Guerre mondiale et au milieu de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Il se déroule dans une petite ville rurale de l'ouest de la Pennsylvanie appelée Wolf Hollow. L'histoire commence : « L'année où j'ai eu douze ans, j'ai appris à mentir.

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Storyboard Description

Les élèves peuvent analyser l'importance des thèmes, des symboles et des motifs dans Wolf Hollow avec une carte d'araignée !

Texte du Storyboard

  • MOTIF: The Barn
  • World War I40 million deaths
  • THEME: War
  • World War II75 million deaths
  • THEME: Bullying
  • The barn is a recurring theme in Wolf Hollow. It is a place of solace for Annabelle and happiness where the boys play. It is also a place of refuge where Toby is hidden for a time in order to protect himself from a wrongful accusation.
  • The story is overshadowed by war in many ways. Toby fought in WWI and has been suffering ever since. The world was only 20 years out of that war when WWII happened. Annabelle's town mourns those who have gone to fight and died, and Annabelle herself struggles to understand how someone could hate another person just for being different from them.
  • Annabelle is bullied ferociously by Betty. The book shows how easy it is for bullies to get away with bad behavior through intimidation tactics and lies. Betty is perceived to be a nice girl when in reality, she has been secretly tormenting Annabelle for months.
  • SYMBOL: The Camera
  • THEME: Post Traumatic Stress
  • Annabelle's family won a camera but her farmer parents do not have much use for it. They offer it to Toby, who uses it as an outlet for his grief. He takes photos of the beauty all around him and hangs printed pictures around his tiny shack. The camera is a symbol of his humanity.
  • Many soldiers come home from the horrors of war with Post Traumatic Stress. Toby has been unable to move on from what he saw and did in WWI and lives in near total solitude. He struggles to form relationships, is unkempt, and carries two guns. He seems odd and scary. In reality, he is carrying the weight of the war on his back.
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