Vocabulaire familial

Mis à jour: 4/29/2017
Vocabulaire familial
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Vocabulaire Familial Espagnol

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The importance of family is central to Hispanic cultures, and thus the learning of family vocabulary is a great entry point to cultural discussions, as well as an easy way to relate new words directly to a student’s life. Have students create storyboards to help them practice vocabulary about the family!

Vocabulaire Espagnol de L'Arbre Familial

Storyboard Description

Enseignement du vocabulaire familial espagnol, mots espagnols

Texte du Storyboard

  • El Tío
  • La hermana
  • El abuelo
  • Francisco
  • María
  • José
  • La abuela / la abuelastra
  • Daniel
  • La mère
  • Los padres
  • Ana
  • Carmen
  • Carmen & Antonio