water aid
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water aid

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  • Lets help people get good hygiene,toilets and CLEAN WATER
  • But how???
  • I have to walk for so long just for clean water to drink.
  • There is no clean water what are we going to do?
  • Water aid to the rescue!!
  • Water Aid was officially established the 21st July 1981. This was when the thirsty third world conference joined forces with the Uk water industry. Their aim was to help all those people in poorer communities without clean water, toilets and good hygiene.
  • What can we do about this problem?
  • I get to go to school now because I don't have to trek for miles to get water for my family!
  • Water Aids first projects were in Zambia and Sri Lanka.They helped those who needed toilets and those who had to travel far away for water. Diseases spread rapidly from contaminated water,killing many.Water Aid tried to stop so many deaths.
  • Water Aid tried to think of solutions they could do to help people. For example, the installation of pipes in villages to supply clean water making it accessible to everyone. Clean water stops diseases and can create many jobs giving lower calss citizens more independence.
  • I am trying but we don't have any water to keep my business running.It is almost impossible to get a job around here
  • Why haven't you got a job?I don't earn enough money for you NOT TO HAVE A JOB!
  • Water Aid is a global organisation and work around the world talking to governments and trying to find solutions to this complex problem.
  • Carrying water containers of up to 20kg can put a lot of pressure on women and girls backs and heads putting them at risk in later life.Most children,especially girls,don't get the chance to go to school as they are working for so long each day.
  • Families quarrel quite a lot,mainly partners,as men believe the women are not doing enough to provide for the family.Which means they have to find work ,this is very difficult as there are not many job opportunities in the poorer communities.