Moving Social Story
עודכן: 3/6/2019
Moving Social Story
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Social Story Moving

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תיאור Storyboard

Moving Social Story - Use social stories to help kids with transitions!

טקסט Storyboard

  • We are moving to a new house in Israel!
  • I will help mom and dad pack up all our toys and clothes in boxes and suitcases
  • We will say goodbye to our friends in Boston. I'll miss them, but we can send pictures and video chat to keep in touch.
  • Then we will get on a plane and take a long trip. I will get to watch movies, play games, and sleep on the plane.
  • When we get to our new house, all of our boxes will be there and I'll get to unpack my toys! I will have my own room and a big backyard.
  • I will miss my friends and home in Boston, but I am excited for a new adventure with my family!