Conflict Scenario Incomplete

Conflict Scenario Incomplete
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Conflict Scenario Template

स्टोरीबोर्ड पाठ

  • You wouldn't believe what just happened last period...
  • So, Mrs. Martin asks us to get out our projects.
  • AH!
  • It's not turning back on.
  • Oh man. Dude I am so sorry. It was an accident!
  • Jake, Jared, Jessie, and Jamie are all sitting together during lunch. Jake starts to talk about funny story from a class he just left. 
  • While telling the story, Jake knocks over his milk, which spills onto Jared's phone. 
  • Jared's phone is ruined. It will not turn back on. 
  • Jake feels really bad. He apologizes immediately. Jared is thinking about how mad his parents will be.  
  • Fill in the cell with a positive conflict resolution strategy. 
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