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Job Interview Social Story
Atnaujinta: 2/26/2019
Job Interview Social Story
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Socialiniai Istorijos Paaugliams

Eimis Lupiani

Socialinės istorijos yra ne tik jaunesniems studentams; jie gali būti naudingi visoms amžiaus grupėms, įskaitant paauglius. Paaugliai gali būti sudėtingi, pilnas suaugusiųjų tipo situacijų, sujungtų su vis dar sunku paauglystei. Asmenys, gyvenantys autizmo spektre, iš tiesų gauna naudos iš socialinių istorijų, bet paauglystė yra sunki visiems.

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Siužetinės Linijos Aprašymas

Social Story to prepare someone for a job interview. Use this social story example or customize it to help teens navigate different social situations!

Siužetinės Linijos Tekstas

  • There are a few things you should always do when going to a job interview, no matter what the job is.
  • Job Interviews
  • I think I should wear a skirt and nice sweater.
  • My interview isn't until 2pm, but I am glad I left early, especially since I got lost.
  • Now that I have told you about the job, do you have any other questions?
  • Actually, yes, I have a few...
  • A job interview is your chance at a first impression when it comes to a potential employer. It is important to make it a good one.
  • It is important to dress professionally and appropriately when preparing for a job interview.
  • You should always give yourself extra time and plan on arriving a little early. You never know what may happen on your way. It also shows that you are reliable.
  • Come prepared with questions about the job, and don't be afraid to ask them.
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