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Vērmontas Štata Ceļvedis un Vēsture

One of the northernmost states in the United States is Vermont. It is known for its beautiful landscape and thousands of acres of mountain terrain. Students will enjoy learning about Vermont! A state research project is the perfect summative activity for any U.S. Region, Geography class, or general research unit of study. Research is an important skill for children to learn at a young age; it exposes students to expository text, gives them practice determining important information, and enhances note taking and presentation skills.

Studentu aktivitātes Vērmontas Štata Ceļvedis

Essential Questions for Vermont

  1. What are some significant events in the history of Vermont?
  2. What are some facts and features that make Vermont unique?
  3. What are some interesting places in Vermont that people would want to visit?

All About Vermont

Date of Statehood: March 4, 1791 (14th state)

State Motto: Freedom and Unity

State Nickname: Green Mountain State

State Bird: Hermit Thrush

State Tree: Sugar Maple

State Flower: Red Clover

Tourist Attractions: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, Lake Champlain, Smugglers Notch State Park, Killington Ski Resort, Church Street Marketplace, Rock of Ages Quarry, Stowe Mountain Resort, and Green Mountain National Forest.

Famous Citizens of Vermont: Ethan Allen, Calvin Coolidge, Admiral George Dewey, Norman Rockwell, Hannah Teter, and John Deere.

Capital City: Montpelier

Major Cities: Burlington, Essex, South Burlington, Colchester, and Rutland

Brief History of Vermont

It is believed that people have been inhabiting what is now Vermont for over 10,000 years. Native American tribes such as the Mohican, the Pocomtuc, and the Abenaki have lived there, and Vermont still has members of the Abenaki living there today. French explorer Samuel de Champlain arrived on the land in 1609 and claimed it for France. Many years later in 1724, the British claimed the area after building the first permanent European settlement. Thirty years later in 1754, war broke out between Britain and France and went on for nine years before Britain won. In 1777, one year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Vermont declared its own independence and remained separate from the United States for 14 years! It even had its own currency, postal service, constitution, and president until it became the 14th state admitted into statehood in 1791.

Students will create a historical timeline, a postcard, a spider map, and a fun facts storyboard showing what they have learned about Vermont. Creating these visuals gives the students the opportunity to show their creativity and their unique view of the state that they have researched. In addition, the combined use of words and illustrations allows students with different learning styles to show what they know in an exciting and eye-catching way.

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