Common Sense Partial Analysis

Common Sense Partial Analysis

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Common Sense Quotes Analysis made with a Frayer Model layout

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  • Long History of Incompetent and Corrupt Monarchs 
  • All Men Are Equal
  • >
  • According to Paine, an argument for independence comes from the history of incompetent and corrupt British monarchs. Paine believed that not only a change in power, but also a change is government was necessary for the colonists.
  • The British Monarchy Produced a History of Instability
  • Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession
  • Paine believed that the rules of nature dictate no man is greater than another. Despite monarchy being in place, Paine believed that only God can have supreme authority over another and the current form of government was invalid.
  • Hereditary Succession is Not Valid
  • In order to persuade colonists to commit to the American Revolution, Paine argued that under the British monarchy there have been eight civil wars and 19 rebellions. A representative government, according to Paine, would promote peaceful debate rather than violent rebellion.
  • Paine viewed hereditary succession as an illegitimate form of power. Even if the present king is beloved by his subjects, the next king in line may be incompetent and lacking of his father's traits.
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