A Principled Negotiation

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A Principled Negotiation
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Principieel Onderhandelen

Door Middel van Principiële Onderhandelingen Naar Ja Gaan

Door Marissa Martinez

Duik in verschillende benaderingen van de onderhandelingen, met inbegrip van harde versus zachte onderhandeling en principiële onderhandeling. Zoek hoe storyboards kan helpen bij de voorbereiding en het zoeken naar alle alternatieven om eventuele onderhandelingen. Krijgen wat je wilt, wanneer je onderhandelt met deze Getting to Yes-strategieën. Vind informatie over lose-lose, win-win, en win-lose-onderhandelingen in Getting to Yes via Principieel Onderhandelen.

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Storyboard Beschrijving

An example of a principled negotiation to purchase a car.

Storyboard Tekst

  • I saw your ad for the car. Why are you selling it?
  • I'm trying to save some money in the long run by switching to the train. Plus I need some cash for home repairs.
  • Yeah, I was a little optimistic. But it is in great shape.
  • I know you were hoping to get $3,500, but Kelly Blue Book listed it at $3,100.
  • The only thing is I don't have a parking spot for it right now, I'm worried I'm going to end up paying the difference on lot fees.
  • Well, If you can pay cash today, I'm happy to keep it in my garage until you can get a parking spot.
  • No more car bills for me, and I can get my roof redone right away! I can have it sit in the garage for a couple months.
  • What a deal! It's the perfect car for me! And now I don't need to stress so much about parking it in a lot.
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