Classroom: Leraar Expressions
Bijgewerkt: 3/22/2017
Classroom: Leraar Expressions
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Spaanse Woordenschat: Classroom Materialen en Uitdrukkingen

Lesplannen van Lourdes Fernandez

Often one of the first Spanish lessons, especially in full-immersion classrooms, is one that teaches commonly used expressions in class by either the teacher, or needed by the student, as well as a vocabulary list of frequently used classroom materials. In order to be successful in future lessons, students must know this particular set of terms very well, as they are constantly used and of use in the classroom.

Spaanse Classroom Materialen en Uitdrukkingen

Storyboard Beschrijving

Spaanse woordenschat - Spaanse woorden van de klas

Storyboard Tekst

  • Vandaag is het 12 September
  • Mijn naam is de heer Alvarez
  • Wanneer ...?
  • Umm ...
  • Ik heb ...
  • Lord!
  • ?
  • Vandaag is het 20 September
  • X
  • En de taak?
  • De Heer Alvarez
  • ?
  • ?
  • Leraar: Steek je handen!
  • Leraar: Neem de taak.
  • Common Docent Expressions
  • Leraar: Ga zitten!

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