Currículo 3

Currículo 3
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Storyboard Descrição

Retomar modelos de planilha de informações

Texto do Storyboard

  • Name Date
  • Directions:
  • Professional Summary: (Your skills and qualifications relevant to the job, in narrative form. A broad overview of your professional background-- 5-6 sentences max)
  • Highlighted Skills: (6-8 relevant skills in bullet-point format, short phrases [no full sentences], present tense)
  • Experience: (Last 3 employers, starting with the most recent. Give 3-4 short, bulleted sentences of your job duties and skills learned)
  • TITLE:
  • Education: (List high school, technical training, and if you've taken college classes, include that college with a listing of relevant classes)
  • Awards, Certifications, Notable Accomplishments: (Academic, certifications in relevant field, sports, volunteer work, languages learned-- these all go here. This is your Brag Wall.)
  • Additional Information: (Highlight accomplishments you've made in your field. Use action verbs such as "led", "created", "managed", "improved", collaborated", etc.)
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