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FOIL Examples - Romeo and Juliet
Atualizado: 2/27/2019
FOIL Examples - Romeo and Juliet
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Personagens da Folha

Por Rebecca Ray

Folhas são usadas em todos os tipos de literatura. Um personagem que exibe traços opostos ou conflitantes para outro personagem é chamado de folha. Caracteres de folha podem ser antagonistas, mas nem sempre. Às vezes, folhas também serão outros personagens ao lado do protagonista. Quando um autor usa uma folha, eles querem ter certeza de que o leitor está pegando atributos importantes e características de um personagem principal. Por esta razão, foils são importantes para prestar atenção para fora para!

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Storyboard Descrição

Examples of Foil Characters in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Texto do Storyboard

  • Romeo
  • Falls in love quickly
  • Melancholy
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Mercutio
  • FOIL
  • Finds love humorus
  • Does not fall in love
  • Jovial
  • Paris comes to pay respectful homage to Juliet, Romeo to visit his dead love and to join her in death by poison. When Paris starts to enter and then challenges Romeo as a felon, Romeo slays him in a fit of rage.
  • Tybalt
  • Serious
  • Pessimistic
  • Mercutio makes fun of Romeo for being romantic about love. He thinks love is less about devotion and more about physical pleasure. He is also a skeptic, mocking Romeo's beliefs in fairies and portents.
  • Benvolio
  • Sarcastic
  • Optimistic
  • Aggressor/Antagonistic
  • Sticks up for Family
  • Quick Tempered
  • Capulet
  • Montague
  • Even Keeled
  • Sticks up for Friends
  • Passive/Peaceful
  • Romeo comes upon the scene as Mercutio becomes heated in his words with the fiery Tybalt. Romeo steps between them and then tries to diffuse the tension by placing himself before Mercutio and by telling Tybalt that he has no argument against him.
  • Juliet
  • Daughter figure
  • Young
  • Calm
  • Benvolio, whose name means "good-wisher" in Latin, has been the one to calm Romeo in an earlier act.
  • Nurse
  • Mother figure
  • Old
  • Excitable/Impatient
  • Juliet remains loyal to her husband, while the Nurse cries out "Shame come to Romeo!" (3.2.91)
  • Concise
  • Patient
  • "Well, sir; my mistress is the sweetest lady—Lord, Lord! when 'twas a little prating thing..."
  • Meddling
  • Babbling/Nonsensical
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