Parallel Thinking in Action
Actualizat: 12/20/2016
Parallel Thinking in Action
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De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Folosind Storyboarding și Cele Șase Pălării de Gândire de Bono

De Marissa Martinez

Cele șase pălării gânditoare, un concept articulat de Edward de Bono, este un instrument puternic pentru brainstorming și inovare. Prin ruperea gândurilor în șase zone "paralele" sau "laterale", se permite discutarea separată a unui spectru de gândire, de la sentimentul intestinului la analiza datelor. Folosind aceste șase tipuri de gândire într-un mod structurat, grupurile pot aborda mai eficient problema de rezolvare a problemelor.

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Storyboard Descriere

An example of a meeting where parallel thinking is enforced with the 6 Thinking Hats

Storyboard Text

  • Quarterly profit is down 1.3% compared to last year.
  • Retention remained steady. A drop in sales accounts for almost all of it.
  • Alright, let's take 45 minutes to work on solutions. It appears the problem is in sales. Green Hats on! Take three minutes to brainstorm.
  • Alright, White Hats on first. What does the quarterly report tell us?
  • We could cut commissions for the bottom 5% of sales staff.
  • Alright. What is good about cutting commissions?
  • We could offer incentives, like prizes for the top sales people.
  • It is guaranteed to reduce costs.
  • From a high-level perspective, it may decrease long-term turnover. Sales staff we'd have to let go may choose to leave instead.
  • It could also incentivize better sales figures.
  • This may be more of a Red Hat point, but I feel like it could make the sales staff angry.
  • The incentives are unpredictable and cutting costs doesn't really help us grow in the long term.
  • Does anyone else have Red Hat reactions?
  • This sounds like a strong idea. Any drawbacks? What doesn't work?
  • I agree. It makes me feel bad to just cut commissions.
  • What I'm hearing is that the intangible drawbacks outweigh the potential gains.
  • Is there a way to mitigate these concerns?
  • That also addresses a black hat point I had about the prizes: the cost of prizes can be completely covered by savings on commissions.
  • Prizes would mitigate the negative aspects of the commission cuts.
  • We could combine the two ideas!
  • I like where this is going. I think we need to run the numbers to see what likely results are.