A Opri

A Opri
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Verbele frazale englezești precum „a opri” sunt complicate! Consultați Enciclopedia noastră de imagini pentru a ajuta studenții ESL să înțeleagă fiecare semnificație!

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Storyboard Text

  • TO TURN OFFTo stop a piece of equipment or stop a supply of water, gas, or electricity.Example: Mike had turned off all the lights in the living room before he went to bed.
  • ZZZ...
  • This is so boring. He is really turning me off Biology. He's made Alyssa fall asleep!
  • TO TURN OFFTo get on to another road from the one you are traveling on.Example: We need to turn off at the next exit.
  • Start indicating now. You need to turn off at the next exit.
  • What are some other ways you can illustrate the meaning of "to turn off"?
  • TO TURN OFFTo stop somebody's interest.Example: This class had really turned Mike off Biology. It was so boring.
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