A Pune jos

A Pune jos
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Put Down - Verbe Frazale Englezești

Verb Frazal Englezesc: A Pune jos

Verbele frazale englezești precum „a pune jos” sunt complicate! Consultați Enciclopedia noastră de imagini pentru a ajuta studenții ESL să înțeleagă fiecare semnificație!

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Storyboard Descriere

Verbe Frazale Engleze - A Pune jos

Storyboard Text

  • TO PUT DOWNTo place something you have been carrying on a surfaceExample: Tim was told to put the bag down in the kitchen.
  • Your cat is very sick. I think it would be best to put her down.
  • Where should I put the groceries?
  • You can put them down in the kitchen.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo write somethingExample: The teacher told the class to put down their opinions in their essays.
  • I'll come down as soon as I've put the baby down.
  • Don't forget to put down your views and opinions in your essays.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo make a first payment or a deposit on somethingExample: Sasha wants to put a deposit down on the blue car.
  • What do you think about this car?
  • I love it! Can I put down a deposit today?
  • You are so stupid! Why can't you carry a bag of groceries to the car without breaking anything,
  • Rick's AUTODEALS
  • Why are you always trying to put me down?
  • TO PUT DOWNTo end the life of an animal because it is very sick or injuredExample: Courtney's cat was very old and sick, so the vet decided the best plan was to put the cat down.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo put a baby to sleepExample: Sophie put the baby down and then came down for dinner.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo criticize someone to make them feel stupid, especially in public.Example: Mike would always put Sally down in public.
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