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Bildungsroman Novel Template
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Una dintre cele mai populare forme de ficțiune literară, romanele Bildungsroman surprind esența creșterii caracterului, a maturității și a înțelegerii despre lumea din jurul lor. În esență, acest tip de roman este o poveste despre procesul de maturizare al unui personaj, mai ales din copilărie; de fapt, este adesea numită o poveste de „maturism”.

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Bildungsroman Template | Teach students the bildungsroman definition and analyze stories with this template!

Storyboard Text

  • Characteristic #1
  • Characteristic #2
  • Characteristic #3
  • The protagonist is usually from a small town or village, and they journey to a more complex realm, or to a large city
  • The protagonist must separate from their family in order to gain an identity that is separate and distinct
  • The protagonist searches for answers beyond their home
  • Education is crucial to the protagonist’s progress into maturity
  • The protagonist is often disappointed by this new world, as it does not live up to their expectations
  • The protagonist finds their education in the disappointment of the new world, and this allows them to successfully mature and gain their distinct identity
  • The protagonist achieves their maturity with difficulty, and it allows them a sense of pride in having obtained it through the tests and obstacles they’ve had to face
  • The protagonist experiences psychological, moral, and/or spiritual growth
  • The protagonist and the readers accept that they are not a superior character: they are flawed, but they are fundamentally good
  • The protagonist usually returns to the place they left originally
  • The reader is able to see the contrast between the protagonist at the beginning of the novel, and the person they’ve become once they return to the place they left
  • The protagonist is able to help others with their newfound maturity and wisdom
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