The Prince and the Pauper Parallel Plots

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The Prince and the Pauper Parallel Plots
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Параллельный Сюжет и Нелинейный Нарратив

По Бриджит Баудинет

Термин « параллельные истории» , также называемый параллельными повествованиями или параллельными сюжетами, обозначает структуру истории, в которой автор включает два или более отдельных повествования, связанных общим персонажем, событием или темой. Параллельные истории обогащают произведение и использовались драматургами и писателями на протяжении веков. Однако по мере того, как форма современной грамотности продолжает меняться, писатели все чаще экспериментируют с повествовательной формой и голосом. Это привело к недавнему увеличению количества романов, использующих различные перспективы и параллельные истории.

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Описание Раскадровки

The Prince and the Pauper Parallel Plot | Teach Parallel Narrative Structure in the classroom!

Текст Раскадровки

  • Tom's Story
  • Edward's Story
  • Tom lives with his family in Offal Court and gets through his days begging for food and trying to avoid beatings from his father and grandmother.
  • Prince Edward lives in the royal palace and enjoys a luxurious life of good food, quality education, obedient servants, and adoring subjects.
  • Thou hast the same hair, the same eyes, the same voice and manner, the same form and stature, the same face and countenance that I bear.
  • Tom and Prince Edward meet at the palace after the prince saves Tom from an angry guard. After discussing their different lives, the two exchange clothes for fun and discover that they look exactly alike. When the prince rushes out to scold the guards in Tom's rags, he is not allowed back in and the switch becomes permanent.
  • Take away this beautiful cloth. I don't want to soil it.
  • Unhand me, thou foolish creature!
  • At first, Tom struggles to adjust to the grandeur and ritual of palace life, but he learns quickly and soon comes to enjoy the privileges of the palace.
  • O my child, my darling!
  • Edward is captured by his "father" John Canty, and he is forced to join a band of thieves and ruffians after Canty murders a priest.
  • King Henry VIII dies, and it seems that Tom will become the new king. On coronation day, however, Tom sees his mother and regrets his new royal life.
  • On your peril! Touch him not, he is the King!
  • After Miles Hendon helps Edward escape from the outlaws and a murderous hermit, the two are thrown into prison by Hendon's evil brother Hugh. They are released just in time to head to London for the coronation.
  • Tom and Edward meet again in the cathedral on Coronation Day. Both boys are eager to switch places again. Eventually, they convince the nobles that Edward is the true king, and the kingdom is set to rights again. Tom and Edward remain friends until Edward's death.