Elements of Shakespeare Romances

Elements of Shakespeare Romances
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Комедии Шекспира

Типы Шекспировских Пьес

Ребекка Рэй и Кристи Литтлхейл

Независимо от того, как они были названы, пьесы Уильяма Шекспира по-прежнему останутся великими произведениями искусства, поэтому не имеет значения, как мы их называем. Как правило, Шекспир написал три типа пьес: «Трагедия, комедия и история». Эти имена помогают нам понять архетипы игры и лучше проанализировать ее события. В конце концов, «Комедия Ромео и Джульетты» была бы совсем другой пьесой из «Трагедии Ромео и Джульетты». Возможно, это был бы фарс о двух любовниках со звездами, обреченных страдать от юмористических ошибок личности и неуклюжих слуг. Это была бы не история о горе, с которой мы все так знакомы.

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Elements of Shakespeare Romances | Shakespeare's Tragicomedies

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  • Shakespearean Romances
  • Shakespeare's Romances are characterized by: A conflict that gets resolved A central older male figure of noble descent A love interest Elements of the Supernatural Themes on a Grand Scale
  • Conflict Begins the Play / Resolved by the End
  • Central Older Male Figure of Nobility
  • Examples from The Tempest by William Shakespeare
  • Love Interest
  • On the way home from Alonso's daughter's wedding, a storm strikes their ship and shipwrecks Alonso, Ferdinand, Antonio, Gonzalo, Stephano, Trinculo, and Sebastian on an island. The men are split up, and Alonso thinks Ferdinand is dead.
  • Elements of the Supernatural
  • Prospero, Antonio, and Alonso. Prospero was the Duke of Milan before his brother Antonio (in a plot with Alonso, the King of Naples) usurped his throne and forced him to flee.
  • Themes on a Grander Scale
  • Miranda, Prospero's daughter, and Ferdinand run into each other on the island, and they instantly fall for one another. This is part of Prospero's plot to take back his rightful place as Duke of Milan.
  • Prospero has been studying sorcery for the 12 years he's been exiled. He causes the tempest to bring the boat with his brothers to the island. Ariel turns himself into a sea nymph and controls some of the men with music.
  • While Prospero regains his throne, the theme of the play looks at restoration and forgiveness on a grander scale. If Prospero can forgive his brother's treachery, surely it is possible for real people to do the same. In doing so, both peace and stability are rewards for forgiveness. Instead of pursuing pure revenge, Prospero curbs his bloodlust and still regains his power.
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