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Expanded 5 Whys

Expanded 5 Whys

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  • The Problem
  • 1st Why
  • 2nd Why
  • 3rd Why
  • The kingdom was lost. Specifically: the castle and countryside were set on fire by a dragon.
  • 4th Why
  • There was no way to stop the dragon setting things on fire.
  • 5th Why
  • The dragon defeated the unmounted knight in battle.
  • The Root Cause
  • The knight's horse refused to be ridden.
  • Countermeasures
  • The horse had lost a shoe.
  • The blacksmith did not use the correct number of nails in shoeing the horse.
  • For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost.
  • The Royal Horseshoe Inspection Department will make a checklist for all blacksmiths in the kingdom to follow when shoeing a horse, so that no nails are forgotten in the future.
  • Royal Horseshoe Inspection Checklist
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