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Widget 5 Whys

Widget 5 Whys

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Root Cause Analysis - 5 whys - Five Whys - Genchi Genbutsu philosophy

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  • Widgeter Mk. II
  • Gary has noticed the widgets coming through his station are defective.
  • Gary reports the problem to his boss, and they decide to perform a quick "5 Whys" analysis, along with a couple of Gary's co-workers.
  • The team articulates the problem and builds a linked chain of causation back to the root cause: the secondary widget punchers aren't being cleaned enough.
  • The team uses Storyboard That to map out a new protocol for widget puncher maintenance that is easy to understand and follow.
  • Gary's boss uses the storyboard as part of her report to upper management, reassuring them that the source of the defects has been eliminated.
  • There are no more defective widgets! The manufacturing process has been improved, and everyone is ready to get back to making the product.
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