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How to be an Ally

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How to be an Ally
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Человеческая сексуальность - тема с нюансами, и учащимся может быть представлена противоречивая информация. Подростки сегодня хотят говорить на эту тему, и роль учителя состоит в том, чтобы способствовать обсуждению в образовательной и прогрессивной манере.

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How to be an ally for the LGBTQ community

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  • I have to go, but thanks for listening!
  • I'm not sure how to say this...
  • Looking into other issues facing the LGBTQ community is a sign of a great ally. Be a resource to others when needed.
  • No problem. I'm going to look up some stuff online. See you in class. 
  • Being there to listen is a simple way to be a good ally. You may be the only person they feel comfortable coming to.
  • Just try, I'm all ears. 
  • Everything you just told me stays with me. 
  • Keeping an open mind when someone is opening up to you is important. An effective ally is actively thinking about the effect of phobias on LGBTQ individuals.
  • I feel so much better that I was able to talk to someone about this!
  • If someone is coming out or opening up to you, an ally is someone who respects confidentiality. Assume that this person wants you to know only.
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